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Tax Foundation: The State Tax Working Group

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On October 13th, the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax research group based in Washington, D.C., hosted the State Tax Working Group, giving advocates of tax reform the opportunity to present recent research and publications to meeting attendants, including those in person, online and via conference call. As the meeting got underway, the foundation Director of State Projects, Joseph Henchman introduced speakers, including:

  • John Stevenson, of the National Taxpayer’s Union, gave details from the NTU Ballot Guide on important ballot measures regarding tax increases and changes facing voters this November. Two important measures Stevenson explained were Washington state’s Initiative 1053 which would require two-thirds of the Legislature or a majority of voters to raise taxes in the future, and Initiative 1107 which would roll back taxes on candy, bottled water, and soft drinks
  • Dr. Chris Carver, of Duke University, described his recent publication in which he suggests that Congress take into consideration the “excess burden” associated with the potential expiration of the tax cuts. Carver explained that “any time you tax something you get less of it; historically Congress has never taken the cost of excess burden into account.”
  • Mary McCleary, of the Buckeye Institute, gave details of the Institute’s new online tax calculator which allows Ohio residents to calculate exactly how much in fees and taxes they pay to all levels of government. (
  • A representative of the Mercatus Center briefly explained a new reported published by the Center that details “Canada’s Budget Triumph” and the manner in which cuts in government spending have reduced the nation’s deficit (

Finally, before the meeting concluded, Henchman introduced a colleague from the Tax Foundation, Nick Kasprak, to give a brief explanation of the foundation’s own new online tool, which allows residents of any US county to look up property-tax rates, along with how these would change under Republican versus Democratic plans ( The next State Tax Working Group meeting will be held in December and will present an opportunity to look back at many important tax-related ballot measures that voters will decide on this November.



Written by SC Policy Council

October 18, 2010 at 12:57 pm

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  1. The current U.S.A. situation, year 2010 : The elite continue to get much wealthier, and the working class poor continue to get poorer.
    The Root Problem: Corporate Corruption and below board politics.
    Fact: Corporate Dollars buy a lot of legislation.
    The Remedy: There is a famous phrase in the U.S.A., a government of the People by the People, for the People. Therefore, The People need to take to the streets in peaceful well organized protest. Without relenting, and demand their rights to an above board and direct ordinary language policy of Governmental Officials. The time is at hand for Constitutional Amendment.
    The Rights of The People (U.S. Citizens) should and must include these six articles:
    1) No Business nor Corporation domestic or foreign shall spend money for the purpose of electing any U.S. Governmental Official. Furthermore unlawful to accept such money.
    2) Professional Lobbyists shall be prohibited.
    3) All sources of election campaign money, and total amount, shall be published and made readily available to the public.
    4) Term of Office time limits shall be set for all Governmental Officials. None of which shall exceed ten years.
    5) On the topic of the Judicial Branch. Concerning Common Law, criminal, and civil, and the practice thereof, all Latin phrases and terminology, as well as any language other than English, shall be translated to, and replaced with proper American English effective immediately. The use of Latin phrases and terminology in the U.S. Judicial System shall be prohibited. In addition to that, courts of law shall refrain from using languages other than American English. Non-English languages may only be used in the U.S. Judicial System when necessary to accommodate Non-English Speaking Plaintiffs and Defendants.
    6) No Governmental Official, nor civil servant, shall appoint nor hire, their kin, by marriage or blood, to any public office, position, or civil service employment.
    The enactment of these six articles will assure control of the democratic process by The American People (Private U.S. Citizens).

    Signed, we the people.

    john payne

    November 14, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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