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Education and Economics: Lessons from ‘Unleashing Capitalism’

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Declining performance by our schools – as reflected in falling SAT scores – doesn’t just fail our students – it also fails our economy and our prospects for long-term economic growth.

From Unleashing Capitalism:

Among the most important building blocks for future economic growth is educational reform. An important part of South Carolina’s future lies in the hands of its students, and it is vital that they be adequately prepared to be diverse in the type of labor they can offer and be flexible as the needs of the economy change. It is well known by economists that investment in human capital is a major component of economic well-being, yet current investments in South Carolina’s education system do not appear to be paying off.

Students seem to be unprepared for many types of labor, suggesting some defect in the educational system that is failing to prepare them to be adaptive in their future endeavors. Many individuals in South Carolina are ill-prepared to face changing economic conditions and lack the necessary skills to successfully adapt.


Written by Robert Appel

September 14, 2010 at 4:00 pm

Posted in Capitalism, Economics

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