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Texas Refuses to Comply with EPA Greenhouse Gas Rules

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Texas is the first state in the nation to tell the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that it will not comply with the agency’s global warming regulations. States are being pressured to comply with new federal rules under the Clean Air Act—even while the EPA, by its own admission, knows the federal requirements should be rewritten.

A letter to the EPA from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Commission on Environmental Quality Chairman Bryan Shaw charges that the federal effort to usurp state regulatory authority is “plainly contrary to United States law,” and gives notice that the state will not comply with the rule change.

As a result of the new federal rules, millions of previously unregulated entities will be classified as “major” sources of carbon dioxide, subject to Clean Air Act requirements. An article in lays out the impact of this massive expansion of federal greenhouse gas regulation. In short, regulatory gridlock and a crushing burden on millions of businesses.

To read more about how the global warming scam will cost South Carolina thousands of jobs, read more here.


Written by Robert Appel

August 17, 2010 at 2:17 pm

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