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House Overrides 3 Vetoes; Sustains 1

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The House adjourned Sine Die today after overriding 3 vetoes and sustaining 1. These are the 4 bills they took up today:

S 288: This law requires that a special code be placed on the driver’s license of persons convicted of a violent crime. The law also charges a $50 fee to cover the process. As the governor’s veto noted, this law is the first of its kind in the United States. The measure obviously tries to balance public safety issues against privacy concerns – concerns that a potential legal challenge may end up settling one way or another. The House overrode this veto 78 to 33.

S 1372: The governor vetoed this bill, as well as several others like it, because it permits school districts to issue general obligation bonds to cover school operating expenses. Thanks to rules created by the legislative leadership, the veto was easily overridden by Sumter County’s legislative delegation – by a vote of 2 to 0 in the Senate and 3 to 1 in the House.

H 3541: This bill seems to presume that every wild bear is somehow under the authority of the state of South Carolina. Thus, “For the privilege of taking bear, in addition to the required hunting license and big game permit a hunter must obtain a bear tag issued in his name” and pay a fee ranging from $25 (resident) to $100 (nonresident). The governor’s veto rightly argued that this is just another fee increase. The House overrode this veto by a vote of 108 to 2.

H 3975: This bill would have exempted military personnel who have completed rifle marksmanship training from taking the state’s hunter’s education program. The governor did not oppose this provision. He did, however, question a Senate amendment that created a special lifetime hunting license for select nonresidents. As the governor observed, “The qualifications for obtaining the license are so irregular that” this bill seemed to have been drafted by “one senator trying to do a favor for one of his out-of-state friends.” The House apparently agreed and sustained the veto by a vote of 1 to 104.

The Senate is still in session. But stay tuned for coverage of their remaining budget vetoes.


Written by Jameson Taylor

June 29, 2010 at 2:38 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Can you guys tell us more about S-1372?


    June 29, 2010 at 3:12 pm

  2. […] Meeting yesterday, the Senate did not sustain any vetoes regarding other bills. They did, however, carry over the governor’s veto of H 4542. This means the bill will not become law. The House had previously overridden this veto. […]

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