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A Special Interest Deal … for the General Assembly

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In a move that surprised even lawmakers who were prepping for a veto override of H 4478, Governor Mark Sanford has chosen to sign the “Economic Development Competitiveness Act of 2010,” H 4478 drafted by House Speaker Bobby Harrell and a team of consultants. Sanford will  join Harrell, with whom the governor is generally at odds, and Department of Commerce Secretary Joe Taylor for a H.4478 signing ceremony today in Greenville.

H 4478 became flypaper for all sorts of narrowly drawn special interest deals (so much so that senators voting against the measure questioned its constitutionality).  But its real purpose is to empower the Legislature to grant more special interest deals

In caving in to special interests on the bill, government leaders are ignoring not only the will of the people, but ample evidence that government manipulated, taxpayer funded economic development does not work—and is a bad investment of tax dollars.

Those messages continue to be lost on South Carolina’s politicians.

The legislation is the General Assembly’s version of a “jobs bill,” and we all know how well federal efforts at that have been working: In spite of having spent more than $1.5 billion on economic incentives over the last few years, South Carolina’s employment and income levels continue to be among the worst in the nation.


Written by Robert Appel

June 23, 2010 at 1:52 pm

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  1. […] believe me? Look at the fate of H 4478, signed by the governor a few weeks […]

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