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What the Governor Is Telling Us That Legislators Aren’t

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Remarkably, the House voted to sustain 51 of 107 of Governor Sanford’s vetoes. Over the history of Sanford’s term, 88 percent of his vetoes have been overridden, so this is regarded as a victory for the governor, and perhaps for taxpayers hoping for an indication from lawmakers that this year’s budget can’t be just politics as usual.

But the most striking difference between the budget as debated by the Legislature and the rationale for the governor’s budget vetoes is that the governor actually offered a rationale, as explained in our latest policy piece.

Broadly speaking, the governor used the following criteria in issuing his vetoes:

  • Eliminate duplication
  • Set budget priorities
  • Balance the budget (as required by the state constitution)
  • Encourage privatization and private investment
  • Use existing resources more efficiently
  • Save money for future Medicaid expenses
  • Reduce administrative expenses
  • Eliminate waste

South Carolina legislators enjoy a monopoly of power, so they don’t behave as if they have to give taxpayers reasons for what they do. They just do it and dare the governor—and taxpayers—to tell them otherwise.

It seems, though, that that is precisely what is beginning to happen.


Written by Robert Appel

June 18, 2010 at 1:08 pm

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