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Comptroller General’s Office to Track State-Issued Charge Cards

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South Carolina Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom announced the launch of a new transparency initiative that tracks the use of state-issued Bank of America charge cards today at the Statehouse. The new information housed on the Comptroller General’s website, categorizes the purchases by state agency and by cardholder name within that agency.

Prior to this new feature, agency use of charge cards was disclosed simply as a payment to Bank of America and did not show where the charge was made. Now anyone can go online and see exactly what vendors were paid with the charge cards.

This new portion enhances the government transparency portal that the Comptroller General launched on his website more than two years ago after the Governor issued an executive order requiring cabinet agencies to post spending online. Eckstrom has also assisted multiple local governments and school districts in posting their spending online.

Of all charges made on the Bank of America cards, nearly two-thirds of them came from institutions of higher education. Unlike other state agencies, institutions of higher learning are not required to post their spending on the Comptroller General’s website.

According to Eckstrom, the 15,000 state-issued Bank of America cards charge $16 million worth of goods and services to the state each year. Eckstrom encouraged the public to access the records and hold their government accountable.

*Click Here to Review Purchases Made by State Charge Cards


Written by SC Policy Council

April 28, 2010 at 3:35 pm

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