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Can We Trust These Guys With Our Money?

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You’ve got to wonder just what’s going on at the state capital. Yesterday the Senate gave final approval to a 50 cent cigarette tax increase, generating an estimated $136 million—but costing thousands jobs according to warnings from economists.

At the same time, the Economic Development Competitiveness Act, quietly giving the General Assembly a free ride to …

  1. Pass out more taxpayer money to buy political power.
  2. Line the pockets of special interests.
  3. Perpetuate a failed policy of state-driven economic development.
  4. All of the above.

… passed the Senate Finance Committee.

Then we learned that our state government, due to an accounting error, is nearly $60 million further in the hole than they thought. That means more budget cuts in the last quarter of this fiscal year and in next year’s budget as well. More motivation to enact all manner of tax increases and new fees and fines.

At least we can look back as how our lawmakers voted … just kidding.  Only 14 percent of House and Senate votes have been recorded this session. So forget trying to find out how your elected representatives stand on these issues.

To recap:

  • More taxes
  • More Lost Jobs
  • More Government Control Over the Economy
  • More Fuzzy Accounting
  • Less Transparency

A banner day for the Big Government powerbrokers running our state.


Written by Robert Appel

April 15, 2010 at 11:35 am

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