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South Carolina Home to Nation’s Biggest Stimulus Recipient

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Now and then, it’s illuminating, if not entertaining, to visit and see how the stimulus program is coming along. You can almost smell the aroma of government getting bigger. It smells like barbeque—or some kind of pork.

So here’s something of note for South Carolina. The Palmetto State is home to the single biggest recipient contract awarded thus far under the stimulus program—drum roll, please—from the Department of Energy, in the amount of $1,407,839,884, as of March 24, awarded to our own Savannah River Nuclear Solutions. The Department of Energy owns the Savannah River nuclear site; Savannah River Nuclear Solutions is under contract to run it for the feds.

They’re decommissioning a couple of reactors down on the river—not a cheap project. In addition to shutting down two reactors and other facilities, they have to deal with 474 acres of contaminated soil, remove extremely toxic plutonium-238 and 16,000 drums of depleted uranium oxide, and dispose of nearly 125,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil and other waste material and three million gallons of contaminated water.

Still, the federal stimulus money is supposed to be stimulating the economy, and producing jobs.

So let’s take a look: Total jobs “created or saved” for $1,407,839,884?

800.3, according to

Talk about your high-paying jobs! Those taxpayer dollars are stimulating our economy down in Aiken at a cost of one million seven hundred fifty nine thousand, one hundred forty dollars and ten cents—per job. Compare this to South Carolina’s per capita income: $18,795.

The folks at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions must be glowing with pride.


Written by Robert Appel

April 5, 2010 at 7:00 am

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