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What Does Obama’s Budget Mean for South Carolina?

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The president’s new federal budget is chock full of wild assumptions and rhetoric.

Stating that the administration “steered the economy back from the brink of a depression,” the new budget will “change the way Washington does business.”

Well, much like when the stimulus numbers were fudged and found in phantom districts, this budget seems like more of the same from Washington.

In this fact sheet for South Carolina, the president’s budget claims to be a silver bullet for our troubles.

Apparently, 1.7 million families in South Carolina will receive a tax cut. A shocking number, considering that the latest census figures show only 1.7 million total households in South Carolina. Does that mean every single household gets a tax cut? A quite improbable and implausible scenario to imagine.

Just another example of made-up government figures meant to make their estimates sound better.

The fact sheet further claims that the budget will lead to “lower taxes, better teachers and classrooms, and important investments in our roads, highways, and airports.”

This is just more of the same from a president who has been all talk for his first year+ in office.

What can South Carolinian’s really expect from this budget? More federal spending, higher taxes, more debt for our children, and more local dependence on the federal government.  As it stands, South Carolina’s $21 billion budget includes more than $7 billion in federal spending.


Written by Geoff Pallay

February 8, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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