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First, Phantom Districts; now it’s ZIP Codes

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Last month, the Policy Council reported that phantom districts were listed on the website as having received stimulus funds.

That story, first broken by, has now taken another twist – phantom ZIP codes. In West Virginia, for example, $28 million is going to imaginary ZIP codes that do not exist.

Upon closer examination of the South Carolina ZIP code report, every ZIP code does indeed exist. But there are 2 data listings that do not belong. Two listed ZIP codes on the South Carolina report are not in our state – 30033 is Decatur, Ga., and 23111 is Mechanicsville, Va. A total of 8 jobs and $1,429,904 are attributed to ZIP code 30033 and 0 jobs and $17,694 to 23111.

Clearly, someone didn’t do their fact checking on the website.


Written by SC Policy Council

January 4, 2010 at 11:25 am

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