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First Pay Raises, Now Cuts for Kershaw County Schools

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During tough economic times, most families and businesses cut spending on unnecessary items and hold off on things like vacations and pay raises. These rules, though, rarely apply to government –at least not in the Kershaw County School District.

According to WIS News, the district approved $850,000 in pay raises in April of 2008, with more than half of those raises going to school administrators. Since those raises were approved, “the district cut 19 teachers, imposed furloughs, froze salaries, and eliminated non-teaching positions. “

“Our principals, assistant principals and a lot of key instructional positions are paid below the Midlands market even after this was implemented,” District Superintendent Frank Morgan told WIS. “That’s a key point I think the public should understand.”

Even if Morgan’s claims are true, it seems unfathomable that the district would have made such ill advised decisions. Consider what would happen if a CEO gave company executives pay raises then proceeded to fire and furlough workers.


Written by SC Policy Council

December 15, 2009 at 1:18 pm

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