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What’s Happening in SC on Monday, 11/16

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SCPC in the News

General Assembly looks at shortening the Legislative Session

Ashley Landess, president of the South Carolina Policy Council:

“The purpose of the legislature is simply to make laws, not to run the state,” she said.

Lawmakers need to scale back their attempts to legislate economic fixes and stop spending effort on all the politics and self-promotion, Landess said. They have no need to meet as long as they do, and they definitely don’t need to make any more money, she said.


SCPC President Ashley Landess questions the need for legislator’s to travel

Legislators should not be traveling away from the State House in such a bad budget year, says Policy Council President Ashley Landess.

“I’m not saying every once in a while it might not be useful for those guys to get out of Columbia and get a sense of what other policy initiatives are going on around the country,” she said. “But not in a year in which we are furloughing teachers, not in a year in which they are telling us that if we don’t go more into debt and pour another $2 billion in federal money in the state economy, we’re going to have to let prisoners out and fire law enforcement officers. These guys don’t need to go out of town at all.”


Tax Realignment Commission

Manufacturers Alliance gives testimony to the TRAC


Local Government

Sumter County to pay $500,000 for new community center with hospitality tax money

Lee County residents question secrecy regarding rezoning of land near I-20


Federal Stimulus Watch

State and local officials are reviving “dormant and expensive proposal” to receive $85 million in federal stimulus funds

Beaufort County School District sells stimulus package bonds to allows school districts to borrow at low rates for building construction



Written by SC Policy Council

November 16, 2009 at 1:38 pm

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