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The S.C. General Assembly: Best & Worst of 2009

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Next time you reach for a Krispy Kreme doughnut remember that someone in the legislature is watching. You see, Kripsy Kremes contain less than one gram of trans fats. And, according to legislation introduced this past session, that should be illegal.


This past legislative session, the General Assembly also wanted to ban cursing in public; using a cell phone while driving; and being able to buy an auto insurance policy that does not include towing.

But that’s just the beginning. Left to their own devices, legislators would have implemented a state-run universal public health insurance program; created their own police force; and turned every community in South Carolina into a personal economic development fiefdom.

Shocking what politicians will think of when they think no one is watching. Except, we are.

In that spirit, the Policy Council is proud to announce the launch of the inaugural publication of The S.C. General Assembly: Best & Worst of 2009.

The guide highlights and analyzes the best and worst legislative ideas of the 2009 session and also provides a sneak peak of what is coming up in 2010.

To get your copy, join the Policy Council. Or click here for the electronic version.


Written by Jameson Taylor

September 25, 2009 at 3:24 pm

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