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What’s Happening in SC on Friday, 9/18

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Show Us Your Work

Ashley Landess quoted:

The S.C. Policy Council has had some trouble getting open-records requests filled by some lawmakers, especially when the requests are about budgetary issues, said Ashley Landess, president of the group, a think-tank that loudly advocates for a smaller, more transparent S.C. government.

N.C. lawmakers have refrained thus far from returning to session to override Perdue’s veto, and we hope they will allow it to stand. And while at least some lawmakers in South Carolina appear to be operating with a spirit of openness on this particular issue, Landess is correct that in many areas, much work remains to be done.

“It shouldn’t come to a FOIA [formal records request] as often as it does,” Landess said. “Most of this stuff should be available online, period.”



State agency stimulus expenditures now online



City of Columbia dismisses three state lobbyists



Florence County Council approves tax incentives for “Project Element” company

Statewide “Profit 101” workshops to focus on increasing SC business competitiveness



Clemson University receives $3M U.S. Commerce Department grant for ICAR


Written by Jamie Cordova

September 18, 2009 at 3:55 pm

Posted in News & Media

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