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Using State Money to Apply for Federal Funds

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Guess what officials in Orangeburg County are doing with state money? They’re trying to parlay it into federal stimulus dollars, and at least one community in the county has its eye on putting federal funds toward the purchase of playground equipment.

The county received $50,000 from state economic development funds to hire a grant writer to assist towns in the county in applying for stimulus money.

According to The Orangeburg Times and Democrat, “Orangeburg County and its towns have a long list of projects they’d like the federal government to pay for.”

North Mayor Earl Jeffcoat is uncertain what’s available, but doesn’t lack for ideas on how to use any money that may come his way.

“We need more playground equipment,” Jeffcoat told the paper. “There’s hardly any money for recreation for teens and little kids here. Our water tank also needs to be painted but stimulus money for maintenance may not be available. We might also look at the old health clinic that has been closed. Maybe it could be made into a community center for us.”

State Sen. John Matthews (D-Bowman) helped the county secure state money to hire the consultant through June 2010, The Times and Democrat reported.

“We are already a month behind Dorchester County, which is also using a grant writer for this purpose. This stimulus funding is a rare opportunity. Let’s make the best effort possible to secure money for our communities.”

Grant writer Sherrill Hampton of Hampton Consultant Group of Bowman said she will also seek funding from state sources.

Spending tax dollars to lobby for more tax dollars sounds like an offshoot of the old bureaucratic ploy of using tax dollars to hire lobbyists to push for more government spending.

And let’s not forget, it doesn’t matter whether the money discussed above comes the state or federal government, it all originates from the pockets of American citizens and businesses.


Written by Cotton Boll Conspiracy

August 31, 2009 at 2:38 pm

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