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Dutch Fork High Tossing Textbooks?

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Dozens of textbooks were found in a dumpster outside Dutch Fork High School this week, even though the school district is prohibited from simply throwing away surplus property.

Dozens of textbooks fill a dumpster outside Dutch Fork High School. Used copies of the chemistry book seen here sell online for $27.50.

Dozens of textbooks fill a dumpster outside Dutch Fork High School. Used copies of the chemistry book seen here sell online for $27.50.

Are the books worn out?  Most of them appear to have been used by just two students.  Are they outdated?  The same book is selling today for $27.50 online.

The district says its policies prohibit dumping surplus property.  Instead, the district must sell the items, or recycle them.

This next school year District 5 will spend $12,363 per student – even higher than the state average of $11,242 per child allocated in the FY09-2010 budget. That doesn’t include money from a $244 million local bond referendum approved by voters in November – money the district says it desperately needs.

Surely other schools could have used these books. If so, why are they in a school dumpster? But, then again, why should other schools have to settle for Dutch Fork’s hand-me-downs? … We may never get to the bottom of DumpsterGate. But we can address the larger problem of wasting taxpayer dollars by bringing more transparency to South Carolina’s public school system.


Written by Bryan Cox

August 18, 2009 at 4:28 pm

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  1. […] to the South Carolina Policy Council, which reported the story Tuesday, most of the chemistry and calculus textbooks appear to be just two or three years […]

  2. Before my son was allowed to participate in the 2009 graduation ceremonies, I was forced to pay for a science book that I personally handed to his science teacher. I was told I could check every book in the book room for his book but since there were thousands I should just keep my receipt with the text book number written on it and after this school year started we could check the text book number against the newly issued books and if his book had been reissued then I would receive a refund. Last week I went to the book room with receipt in hand and the book had been issued and the three left on the shelf weren’t his either. I spoke with the teacher again and he maintains that he turned the book in at the end of the school year to the book room. Thanks to you, I think I know where my book is. A book paid for with taxpayer money once, my money again as I was coerced into paying for it so my son could “walk,” and then tossed in a dumpster! Would you tell me where the documentation or verifiable proof is for this abuse? I still have my receipt and canceled check and I want that book more than ever.
    Thank you.

    Dierdre Cornish

    September 5, 2009 at 7:08 am

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